“Lucy Offerall had got the hots for me. One night we’d all been down in the bar of the hotel and, as usual, with Keith Moon around, everyone was pissed out of their brains and I sort of lumbered up to my bedroom and passed out. Lucy said, “Oh Keith, I want to get into Martin’s bedroom”. So he went, “Don’t worry, my dear, I’ll get you in.” Apparently it was pissing down with rain outside, he climbs out onto the window ledge, creeps along, smashes my window, gets in, opens the door. I woke up absolutely covered in glass...and Lucy!” – Martin Lickert, 5 November 1993




The complete interview with Martin can be found in Andrew's book Frank Talk: The Inside Stories Of Zappa's Other People (Wymer UK, 2017).






Photo of Martin in his Temple chamber taken by the Idiot Bastard on 5 November 1993.


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